WAECO CoolMatic CRX series three-in-one refrigerator wins Pittman Innovation Award 2016 - Dometic Corp

WAECO CoolMatic CRX series three-in-one refrigerator wins Pittman Innovation Award 2016

Another great success for Dometic Group: The all new CoolMatic CRX range of refrigerators is just announced to be the winner of the well-known and renowned Pittman Innovation Award 2016.

”Thanks to Dometic Marine’s new WAECO CRX range of three-in-one refrigerators/freezers, featuring a patented removable freezer compartment, organizing the cold stuff for a longer cruise just got a whole lot easier”, judging panel says.

CoolMatic CRX

The key to this new system is a condenser plate that is folded in such a way that the majority of its surface area is above a pullout horizontal insulated panel. This panel has a hinged door that is used to create a separate freezer compartment comprising about ten percent of its unit’s interior volume. With the panel removed, however, the whole interior can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer, depending on how you set the temperature.

The system’s flush-mounted control panel also has a diagnostic function, while the three-speed compressor adjusts automatically to achieve the required cooling capacity.’ There’s nothing more to say.

Named after Freeman K. Pittman, SAIL Magazine’s long-term technical editor who died in 1996, the Pittman Innovation awards recognize outstanding new products created by a sailing industry that is perpetually innovative in its thinking. In either case, Dometic engineers have once again more than done justice to the memory of Freeman K. Pittman.

For more information on all the winners, coverage of the 2016 Pittman Innovation Awards is in the February issue of SAIL and here:http://www.sailmagazine.com/gear/pittman-innovation-awards/2016-pittman-innovation-awards/2016-pittman-innovation-awards/ .

Pittman Award

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