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Dometic is not only the foundation of the Dometic Group but also a product brand

Dometic was created as a brand in the US 1968 when the Electrolux Leisure Appliances still was a part of the Electrolux Group. It was natural that this brand was selected as the company name when Electrolux divested the Leisure Appliances, 2001 to EQT. Dometic´s business is largely based on the invention of the absorption technology that goes back to 1922 when Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen invented this cooling technology. Dometic is still the absorption cooling specialist.

Dometic is known as the supplier of high quality products with a high degree innovation to the RV- and marine industries. Under the Dometic brand we supply these industries with a very extensive range of different appliances and products.

While the strength of the Dometic brand was born on the invention of absorption technology, it has grown to include awnings, climate control products, sanitation products and windows/doors that stand on their own as quality representatives of a truly global brand.  The Dometic brand is today associated with market leadership, comfort and strength.  People entrust their adventures to Dometic, the world leader in comfort.

Based on the same absorption technology Dometic is also the brand used for miniBars for hotel room, compact silent refrigerators for private/institutional use, LP gas driven refrigerators for people living without electricity and for some medical boxes for vaccine transport.

All our products and services share the common philosophy - to make that extra effort to find out what people really need and want. And then use that insight to create thoughtfully designed innovations that provide a better user experience and help make your life more comfortable, away from home. Local presence with a good established service net-work and very closed relation to the markets are essential to become a trustful partner to the industries Dometic serves.

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