Zane Holmes reviews the WAECO CF-50

Zane Holmes, Professional Ironman reviews WAECO CF-50

I have found the WAECO CoolFreeze CF-50 fridge a great addition to our trip. As we like to eat healthy we stocked the CF-50 with fresh food from home before we left on our trip. I hooked it up to the 240v at home before we left to cool it down and then loaded it into the Jeep and plugged it into the 12v outlet in the boot. The temperature remained stable at a cool 4deg while it was turned on.

WAECO CF-50A great feature of the CF-50 is the ability to switch the side the lid hinges from. This enables you to open the fridge easily in a confined space without needing to move the whole unit. We left the fridge in the Jeep most of the time so we could keep food and drinks cold while on the road and it has been to have it there nice and handy.

Zane Holmes
Professional Ironman

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