Dometics CF-80 Torture Tested

CF-80 Torture Tested - 'Campertrailer Australia' Kimberley Expedition 2011

WAECO's 80L fridge/freezer (CF-80ACVERB) is a workhorse of a fridge. With three compartments for freezer, fridge and dairy, it's easy to keep everything organised. And it is big enough to keep you going for a week on the road far from civilization.

This thing has spent almost a year subjected to constant touring, through the Kimberley, Cape York and a million trips to the beach. Powered by my Optima Yellow Top 55Ah battery, it usually runs fine for about a day and a half before I have to top the battery up again. 2.9Ah average consumption is claimed. You can set up the whole thing as a fridge too, but I like the convenience of keeping meat at -13 degrees or so, and that setting seems to keep the fridge humming along around 2 degrees, even on the hottest days locked in the back of the Prado with gear piled all around it and a protective cover.
CF-80 Torture
Some people reckon the clips on the lid break off, but that's because it's easy to close the lid down on them. I can't see them breaking if you pay attention to what you're doing.

Carlisle Rogers,
Editor of 'Campertrailer Australia Magazine'

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