Test winning fridge/freezers and coolers

Test winning fridge/freezers and coolers

Now we have it in black and white: The winning cooling solutions come from Dometic/WAECO.

This insight comes from the current cooperation between the Automobile Club Europa (ACE) and the renowned testing organization GTÜ.

The following overview below shows five thermoelectric products from Campingaz, Ezetil, Fritz Berger, Mobicool and WAECO as well as three compressor units from Ezetil, Fritz and WAECO.

Even before the candidates entered the ring, a weigh-in revealed the difference between individual product classes. The thermoelectric candidates weighed between three and seven kilograms. Compressor units came in at ten kilograms more, as you would expect. Energy efficiency classes, which have to be specified by manufacturers since 2011, are only applicable for 220-volt coolers, and not for low-voltage DC units.

Let’s go to the lab. The comparison thermoelectric versus compressor revealed tremendous differences in terms of cool-down capacity. The best-performing thermoelectric box, WAECO TropiCool TC-21, as well as the Campingaz Classic, took six hours to achieve a temperature below 9°C inside the box, operating in 12-volt mode at an ambient temperature of 24°C. Under the same conditions, the compressor driven WAECO CFX-35 and Ezetil EZC 25 achieved temperatures below zero within just 20 minutes, even when the ambient temperature was raised to 45°C.

Five of the eight coolers tested are designed for operation on 240 volts. The WAECO CFX-35, featuring digital temperature pre-selection down to –22°C, scored the same results under the defined test conditions at 220 volts. Next best was Berger’s Tristar Hybridcool unit – the compressor came on a bit later, eventually achieving temperatures as low as  those of the WAECO cooler. The three remaining thermoelectric boxes had different responses to the 240-volt power supply: little deviation for the Mobicool G26, considerable better cooling results for the Etzetil E 26 EEI. WAECO’s “TropiCool” TC-21 truly lived up to its name. With another six degrees colder in 240-volt mode this cooler already comes close to the performance of compressor units; it scored a temperature rating slightly above 0°C.

With its outstanding cooling performance the WAECO TropiCool TC-21 was positioned fourth in the overall ranking, and the leading thermoelectric model. Top scores were achieved again by the WAECO CFX-35, followed by Mobicool G26 and Ezetil EZC 25. 

The best performing boxes in the thermoelectric and compressor categories come from WAECO. Berger and Ezetil scored second and third places in the compressor category. 


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