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Queensland from a Danish girl perspective

Blog written by Katrine Thybo

One and a half month ago I started one of my biggest adventures. I flew across the world from Copenhagen, Denmark to Brisbane, Australia with my friend. This is my first time in Australia but it was her second time. She tried to tell me how amazing this beautiful country is but I just couldn’t believe her and said “No country can be like that, I don’t believe you!” She proved me wrong or actually Australia did! My friend flew back home and I’ve been on my own for 3 weeks.

I’m living in Burleigh Heads as I’m doing an Internship in Dometic WAECO and when I got some days off from work (my mom and dad are visiting me) we wanted to explore this beautiful country. We decided to be a little touristy and went to Australia Zoo. I’d been in zoos in Europe, Asia and the US but this Zoo was something else. Everything was different, the atmosphere was chilled but excited and I knew some very different animals I’d never seen before were in there. We saw kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, dingos, wombats and lots of other animals – but the highlight of the day was The Wildlife Warriors Show. Located in the Crocoseum it featured the big saltwater crocodile but also many beautiful birds. The zoo of the crocodile hunter really showed us how to treat animals and it really amazed us how passionate staffs were to take care of the animals and the park.   

After one day adventure in the zoo we drove about 3 hours north. We reached Hervey Bay and stayed there for the night. The next morning a big blue Hummer picked us up at our hotel, took us to the ferry and we sailed us to the biggest sand Island in the world –Fraser Island! By the time I put my feet on the Island knew I was in love. The Island took me by surprise – I’d never seen sand so white or water so blue. As we drove from the harbour to Lake McKenzie the forest around us changed and the landscape was absolutely stunning. After a morning tea we took a swim in the clearest fresh water in Lake McKenzie and as I was swimming I was tempted to drink the water.

The big blue Hummer took us further on to Central station and the forest changed around us and ones again we were all amazed. After a beautiful walk around the bushes we drove down the beach with sand and water splashing around us while the sun was burning from the sky and dingos running past us. We drove past Eli Creek and went to the shipwreck SS Maheno. I’ve never been interested in ships and I was tempted to ask our guide if we could cut it off and spend more time at Eli Creek but ones again I was blown away. The scenery around the ship, the colours and the water that ran through the ship made me stop and stand there with my mouth wide open. We ended up spending more time with Maheno than we were supposed to. We went back to Eli Creek and my first impression was that the creek was really dirty and cloudy but to my surprise when I put down my foot in the creek it was the sand, under the water, I had thought was dirt – I didn’t notice the water because it was so crystal clear. And ones again the Island made me stand there with my mouth wide open. We took a walk up the creek while people around us were bathing, swimming and enjoying themselves. At 5 pm we were all exhausted, high on adventure but ready to take the ferry back to the mainland.

This day has truly been one of the best days I’ve ever had. I was surrounded by family and beautiful nature. I was cut off with no mobile reception so nothing to disturb us other that the wild dingos and birds flying above our heads – What more can a Danish girl in Australia wish for?

Fraser trip Feb 2016

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