The following is Blog 1 of an exclusive series by Fred from Caravan & Motorhome Magazine.

There’s no doubting free camping in Australia is more popular than ever.

Why? The answer is simple – and it’s not just about saving a few pennies! More than anything, travellers love to enjoy both the inland and coastal regions in total freedom – we don’t like pig pen RV parks (while they do serve a purpose). We love getting out into nature, and enjoying it our way. That’s what the free camping lifestyle is all about.

The best thing about free campers is they’re not the type to hold their cards too close to their chest, free camps are for everyone to enjoy, not just those in the know. That’s why for my first Dometic blog post, I’ve chosen to share with you some of my favourite free camping regions from the coast to the high country and inland.


The Cairns Region and North Western Queensland region have plenty of beaut free camps, they’re mostly pet friendly with individual attractions sure to make memories.

Babinda Rotary Park, 50km SE of Cairns and named after the Aboriginal word for waterfall or rain. The fact that it has one of the highest rainfalls in Australia should not put a dampener on your plans. There’s toilets, BBQs, showers, water and mobile reception. It will take big rigs and there’s magnificent mountain views.

Bushy Parker Park at Rollingstone 54km north of Townsville has a nearby service station and general store, and is sure to impress.

Cumberland Mine Historic Site is another beauty with a billabong covered in waterlilies, black cockatoos and brolgas. It’s 20km north of Georgetown and a pleasant drive from Cobbold Gorge – a place not to be missed.


Kosciuszko National Park is located in the NSW high country and blessed with many free camps – a credit to the rangers who maintain them. I’d also recommend that you drive into Batlow close to Tumut for the best apples and cider plus a warm country welcome.

The Pines Campground is 22km south of Tumut and you’ll love this one on the banks of the Blowering Dam. With or without a boat this is nature at its very best.

Yachting Point campground is 30km South of Tumut and can take big rigs, has mobile reception and also has magnificent views.

Yarrangobilly Village campground is located 29km south of Talbingo, beside a river with the rebuilt original farmhouse. With toilets, seating, and information boards its picture perfect.

While you’re in the area, you can’t miss The Fossicker’s Way. Swamps Creek camp area just 4km north of Nundle on the Peel River has dirt access but will present no problems for 2WD vehicles.
Sheba Dams Reserve 11km east of Nundle on Hanging Rock road can be accessed by a steep winding bitumen road.

This region is a legacy of the gold mining days, with picnic tables, toilets and fireplaces. Relaxation plus!


Finally, Bingara is a most attractive new town on the Gwydir River west. This would definitely be my vote for the best free camping town in Australia with many campsites to choose from along the river. With a hospital, shops and welcoming locals this is my pick for the best free camp anywhere.

These are just a few of countless brilliant free camping spots. What I want to know is – what’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, or send me an email –

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